Swimming pool barrier inspections 

Do you need a Compliance Certificate?

On the 29th April 2016 New South Wales pool fencing regulations came into effect for all commercial and residential pool owners. 

That means  you will need to satisfy local council requirements regarding pool fence safety. This will mean organising an Accredited Certifier to conduct a Pool barrier inspection which will allow you to apply for a Compliance Certificate .

You will need to arrange a pool fence inspection if:

·       You are a Private Home Owner selling your house, or if you are renting your house to a tenant

·       You are a Real Estate Property Manager involved in renting residential properties

·       You are a Real Estate Agent involved in selling residential properties

·       You manage a Body Corporate or community title property with a pool

·       You operate or own an Accommodation Property like a resort, hotel, motel or caravan park

To renew a lease on a property to a new tenant, or renew the lease of an existing tenant, you will Now need a Compliance Certificate from a Pool Barrier Inspection.

To sell a  property with a pool  you must have an inspection done on the pool barrier . With new laws you can sell a property with a non Compliance Certificate , if the new owners is happy for it to be made part of the contract.Or you can fix any issued and organise for a Certificate of Compliance to be issued. Either way if repairs are not completed in the 6 weeks after the initial inspection, we are required to forward this information onto the local council so they can follow this up.

When should I arrange an inspection, now or later?

It would be advisable to consider getting your inspections done earlier as there will be a large volume of pools requiring inspections when the new regulations come into play.


·       Your pool needs to be listed on the NSW  Pool safety register before we can carry out the           inspection

·       We need to know an accurate date of pool construction. Please note date can significantly change to criteria in which your pool is assessed.

·       We are required by Law to take payment for all inspections before attending site, so there is no financial conflict of Interest, resulting from the outcome of the inspection/Report.

What is checked in an inspection for the Compliance Certificate ?

Location of pool fence

Pool fence height

Pool fence non climbable zones

Boundary fence used as part of pool fence

Pool fence vertical gaps

Pool fence gap at bottom

Pool fence horizontal climbable members

Pool fence gates

Self-closing latching devices

Windows forming part of the barrier

Wall of house used as barrier

CPR Signage……. Just to name a few

Here’s the time line that occurs once you book you inspection

 1.       Book Assessment report, payment required on Booking.

2.       Set date for Accredited Certifier to attend

3.       Receive Pool barrier report on you pool

4.       If no issues, we will issue your Compliance Certificate.

5.       If there are issues, this will be stated in your report you will need to have any issues  addresses so you can  book a second inspection so the Accredited Certifier can sighted the repairs (just like a car rego check) then you will be issued your Compliance Certificate. Which you will need prior to selling or leasing of the property.

Our inspector is a accredited certifier in New South Wales under the Building Professionals Act 2005 

E1 Accredited  Certifier   - Swimming Pool Certification  Registration Number BPB2451.

We are fully Insured  with Professional Indemnity  Insurance Policy : PRP/UC/231445-P1                       to undertake this inspection.