Building Consultant Reports

Edwards and Froud are able to provide building consultancy services which include the following: 

  • Home Warranty Insurance Reports
  • Insurance Assessment Reports
  • Building Maintenance Reports
  • Pre Purchase Building Inspections 
  • Pre Purchase Pest Inspections
  • Pre Sale Building Inspections
  • Defect/Dilapidation Reports
  • Project Management
  • Dispute Resolution Reports
  • Assistance with any building matter..

 Our firm has full Professional Indemnity Insurance cover and guarantees professional quality and service with all of its reports


 You will require a Home Warranty Insurance Report to give to your Insurer if you are an owner-builder (ie. a home owner who did owner-builder work under an owner-builder permit) before entering into a contract for sale of the property on which residential building work was done within the previous 6 years. Our consultant is fully Insured to supply you with a report.                                                                                                     ______________________________

  Our Insurance Assessment reports cover a wide range of inspections including:

  • Flood Damage
  • Accidental Damage reports
  • Vehicle Impact Damage
  • Storm Damage
  • Fire Damage

Our reports are comprehensive documents and include photographs and diagrams if required and are easily understood by the Insurance companies. We can also provide a cost estimate and a scope of works on request. Fully itemised quotations are also available.


 Building Maintenance reports;

Are conducted by us on request to your property to find maintenance items that have already caused extensive damage, or could possibly do so in the near future. This will help you maintain your property, to ensure its tenants safety and the buildings  value. 



Pre Sale Building Inspection reports  allow you to :

  • Be aware of what shape your property is in, enabling you to handle or repair any problems
  • Your potential buyers will not need to order an inspection of their own
  • Eliminate last minute repair hassles that could delay the sale
  • Improve the price you get for your home


 Defect/Dilapidation Reports

  • Our defect/dilapidation building reports will itemise each defect found and also include a photo of each defect. The consultant  will report on all internal and external areas of the structure including out buildings and paths etc. A building defect/dilapidation report is usually required in defence when you are claiming for any damage you believe a builder/or parties may have caused your property.

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     Project Management

     Edwards and Froud will manage your building project from concept to completion or any where in between.




    I wish to take this opportunity to express my complete satisfaction with the way in which you have managed the enormous task that you were confronted with. Your high level of professionalism has been both a great comfort and inspiration to me given the circumstances under which I engaged your services. The detail you have produced in your reports undoubtedly presents the many and complex issues that exist in my home in the best light possible for future judgment, and your work has been, at all time thorough and judicious.


    M Prowse  Watsons Creek NSW